Register on the SMME database and gain access to free online learning courses. These e-learning modules are designed to provide you with the necessary business skills to successfully run and grow your business. By completing these modules, you'll get a better understanding of, for example, how to run your finances, how to market your business and how to provide decent work environment for your employees.

We'll also provide you with an official certificate of completion for every module if you successfully complete the assessment associated each module.

Get Credit for Learning

If you complete a module, you'll have the opportunity to complete an assessment. If you successfully complete the assessment, you'll receive a personalized Certificate of Completion detailing you name, the date of completion of the assessment and the skills you mastered.

How to get your Certificate of Completion?

  1. Choose from the available modules on this page
  2. Login or register on the E-Campus website
  3. Complete the assessment
  4. If you pass (equal or more than 8/10) you'll get a personalized certificate of completion
  5. If you fail (less than 8/10) you'll have to retake the module and come back after 1 hour to try again

Current Courses Available